UP Global Investors Summit 2023: CM Yogi said – UP is the largest producer of food grains, milk in the country

UP Global Investors Summit 2023: CM Yogi said – UP is the largest producer of food grains, milk in the country

New Delhi. Yogi Adityanath Government hopes for industrial development in Uttar Pradesh. In that order, the Yogi government is moving forward with the goal of making the state’s economy his $10 trillion through the 2023 Global UP Investors Summit. Referring to the Global UP Investors Summit 2023, on Tuesday he introduced the summit logo and invited investors to participate. Ambassadors from 43 countries and his 13 Ministers of Industrial Development also participated in the launch program of the UP Global Investors Summit. Speaking at a program held at Sushma Swaraj Bhavan, Chanakyapuri, Delhi, Yogi Adityanath said: Uttar his Pradesh is also the rejuvenating center of the self-assured Indian Prime Minister. Over the past five and a half years, the state government has taken several development steps. We have also been successful in improving the domestic business environment.

“The government is constantly working to make his $1 trillion contribution of the UP to make India’s economy his $5 trillion economy,” Yogi said. To this end, an investor summit will be held in Uttar Pradesh from 10th to 12th February next year. So far, 40 countries have been contacted and 25 have confirmed their participation. Roadshows and other programs are held in many countries for this purpose.

Yogi Adityanath further states: The program also aims to showcase the investment climate created by the state government. The state is also the country’s largest consumer market. UP also contributes 8% to GDP. Our government has created an atmosphere of law and order in our state so that investors can invest without fear. ”

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UP CM further stated: The facility is provided by Nivesh Mitra for the State Government’s Single His Window Investment. With a total length of 16,000 km, it is the longest railway line in the UP. Freight corridors are also located within the state. UP has also established itself as a highway state. 6 highways completed. UP has five international airports, making it the state with the most international airports. India’s first cargo village will be built on his 100 acres in Varanasi. Five cities in the UP have subways. UP is known as Indian Food Basket. UP is the nation’s largest grain and milk producer. Local products are advertised in his ODOP. UP is also the third largest fabric producer in India. UP is also India’s largest religious tourist destination. UP is also home to the largest youth population in India.

According to the UP government, next year, namely H. 2023, the UP Global Investors Summit with representatives from 13 countries will be held on his February 10-12. Invitations have been sent to industry ministers from 13 countries for the Global Investors Summit. Invitations were also sent to all federal ministers. Countries in which the Minister of Industrial Development has been invited include the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada and Argentina.

The Prime Minister (CM Yogi Adityanath) introduced all the powerful aspects of the state economy along with Uttar Pradesh’s airports, roads and railway networks. For this campaign to make the UP a trillion dollar economy, the Yogi government will hold a roadshow in many countries including USA, Singapore. It will be very special for development. Finance Minister Suresh Khanna, Industry Minister Gopal Nandi, Minister Jaswant Singh Saini, Minister Rakesh Sachan and Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra also participated in the programme.

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